What is Moonpot?

a DeFi crypto savings platform built to launch you to the moon
— a way to earn bank-beating interest on your assets
— a free weekly lottery to win big-cash prizes paid out in crypto


Our scientists and hardworking robots have been busy exploring the wild frontiers of the solar system. Today we bring you our greatest discovery to date: Moonpot.

Moonpot is a crypto savings platform that uses blockchain and DeFi to help you earn bank-beating rates of interest on your assets. Anyone who saves with Moonpot is also entered into a free weekly lottery to win big-cash prizes — paid out in crypto!

The way it works is simple.

Imagine you’re holding CAKE (PancakeSwap’s token). Deposit it into our CAKE savings pot (the ‘Moonpot’) and you are automatically entered into a weekly prize draw.

Winners are announced every Monday. Each week five lucky savers will win more CAKE.

Better yet: every single person in the Moonpot receives interest on their holdings (paid in CAKE) with no deductions on their deposit.

Your deposit is always safe and always yours. And when it comes to withdrawing your assets you’ll never take out less than what you put in. You will only earn. And maybe also win!

Simply put: you make money whatever happens.


In the world of traditional finance what we’ve just described is known as a “prized-linked savings account”, or a “no-loss lottery”. It’s a well-known model with a proven track record.

In the old system, banks encourage savers to deposit their money and then lend those assets out to other customers for a fee. They use those fees to pay interest to those who are saving — while a portion of the charges levied on borrowers is put towards the wider prize pool.

However, banks like to keep the majority of the money for themselves.

Those days are now over thanks to crypto, and thanks to Moonpot. Finance is being decentralized with banks taken out of the equation and their profits passed to the people. This is happening due to the emergence of blockchain and networks such as Binance Smart Chain.

This tech has led to the creation of transparent financial products built on code. We no longer need centralised intermediaries to enforce trust, and take unreasonable profits while doing so.

We have decentralized networks running computer programmes known as smart contracts, which can automatically execute agreements without interference from others.

This is what people mean when they talk about ‘DeFi’ — financial tools that can be trusted thanks to smart contracts on blockchains instead of an outdated reliance on banks.

It’s one of the greatest advances in tech since we put a man on the moon. And the burning vision at Moonpot mission control is to help you take advantage of this bright new dawn.

There’s no better way to reach for the stars than with Moonpot — a win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain where savers become winners, and everybody earns.

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You can’t lose thanks to Moonpot — powered by Beefy Finance