When you’re pulling 4Gs on a straight shot to the moon, a little preparation always comes in handy. With a spacesuit fresh out the wash, a shiny helmet, and a direct course set for orbit, there’s not much ol’ Ziggy Moonpot here doesn’t know when it comes to launches.

Along with mission control, it’s been a busy few days making sure our journey to the stars goes hitch-free. Well, I may be a little on the compact side, but that leaves plenty of room for crew and some out-of-this-world $POTS cargo.

Looks like I’ll need a few more practice runs on the centrifuge soon.



The launch pad’s set, the rocket’s primed, and we’re ready for blastoff in T-6 days. Our mission? Win-win lotteries with the chance of planet-sized prizes and interest on your investment.

For our $POTS token distribution, I want to see you on board our Initial DODO Offering (IDO) when we lift off on Aug 2, 2021. Space on the shuttle is limited to 20,000 Cadets, so read on to find out how to secure your seat to the Moonpot stars with me, Ziggy, at the command.

Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Your activity in the IDO whitelisting won’t raise or lower your WHO Airdrop. These are separate opportunities. So if you succeeded in the WHO, you can probably succeed in the IDO next week too.

How will the Moonpot IDO work?

To facilitate our launch, I’ve chosen DODO’s Crowdpooling model for the token offering. Beginning on Aug 2, 2021, my launch crew will provide a 500,000 $POTS payload onto their platform.

There will be an initial offering price of $1 (BUSD) for Moonpot’s crowdfunding phase ending with a 24 hour window for those that are whitelisted. After this, Cadets will receive their $POTS at the initial offering price based on the proportion of BNB or BUSD they staked into the IDO.

If more capital is staked than the soft cap, we will distribute the tokens based on each investor’s proportion of the total amount staked. The pool will refund the difference between the individual’s total capital staked and the cost of the total $POTS received (calculated at its initial offering price).

There is a personal cap of $100 per Whitelisted Cadet. This is to prevent whales getting all of the tokens at the launch price. We will allow a maximum 20,000 Cadets through our whitelisting missions. I’ll share the details of the first one of those later in this message. You can skip to an article about the first mission here, if you are impatient.

DODO holders will also have an opportunity to join the IDO via the DODO community, follow DODO for updates about how to join there.

Once we’re safely docked and the Crowdpooling is complete, DODO will open up the POTS-BNB and POTS-BUSD liquidity pools using the reserve of Moonpots own $POTS and the raised capital from Cadets.

Those Cadets who make iz into the IDO will be able to swap their tokens using the pool once the IDO ends at 10:00 AM UTC, 3 August.

The pool’s price ratio will be equal to the initial $1 offering price, and all other Cadets will then be able to purchase $POTS from DODO; at which point the price of $POTS will either rise or fall depending on demand.

To keep us all safely on track, the liquidity held by Moonpot will be locked for 90 days as part of DODO’s liquidity protection. Anyone else who gets $POTS in the IDO will receive it directly into their BSC wallets, with no lock up period.

You’ll be refunded any BUSD or BNB if the IDO is oversubscribed, but the price of the $POTS you get from the IDO will be $1 each.

That’s one small step for Moonpot, one big step for token holders’ peace of mind.

$POTS launch Tokenomics

DODO IDO whitelisting

Blasting off into orbit isn’t for everyone. To take part in our moon-bound maiden voyage, you’ll need to join my Cadets Whitelist.

Automatic Whitelist

Anyone who had their CAKE in the CAKE Moonpot when the first Prize Draw was made on Monday 26 July at 2pm UTC will be automatically whitelisted into the IDO.

This means that WHO participants that stayed in the first CAKE Moonpot all the way up till the prize draw, will be automatically whitelisted into the IDO.

This is to thank all the intrepid Cadets that made the effort to join the very first game. And to say thank you for your patience with the upgrade to the new CAKE Moonpot.

You will be able to check your status at in the next few days. We will announce via Twitter, Telegram and Discord when you can check.

Guaranteed Whitelist

If you already met the criteria for Automatic Whitelisting, then you don’t have to complete the criteria for Guaranteed Whitelisting. It is optional and won’t impact your status.

Anyone who was staking BIFI in the BIFI Maxi Vaults at the time of publishing this article. The snapshot of BIFI Maxi stakers was made at 6pm UTC, 27 July 2021, is guaranteed a place in the whitelist as long as they also stake 10 CAKE into the new CAKE Moonpot.

If you already have CAKE in the New CAKE Moonpot, you will already be provisionally whitelisted. Just make sure to still have your CAKE in the New CAKE Moonpot when we launch the IDO.

You will be able to check your status at in the next few days. We will announce via Twitter, Telegram and Discord when you can check.

Community Whitelist

If you already met the criteria for Automatic Whitelisting or Guaranteed Whitelisting, then you don’t have to complete the criteria for Community Whitelisting. It is optional and won’t impact your status.

For everyone else, this is your chance to join the IDO and get your hands on some $POTS at the launch price of $1.

We will create Whitelisting Missions with our Binance Smart Chain blue-chip projects this week, that you can complete to secure your spot on the shuttle, including Beefy, Yieldwatch, DoDo and BSC News.

Completing the mandatory Whitelisting Missions will enable you to have a chance to be whitelisted into the IDO.

Everyone who wants to benefit from the Whitelisting Missions will need to have at least 10 CAKE in the new CAKE Moonpot as well.

You will not win a place in the IDO, or win any free POTS if we see that you have not joined the new CAKE Moonpot.

Mandatory Mission Objectives:

  1. Retweet today’s 500 POTS GIVEAWAY tweet
  2. Follow @moonpotdotcom and @news_of_bsc
  3. Add your wallet address, so that we can check if you deposited 10 CAKE

Bonus Mission Objectives:

Complete other Gleam tasks to increase your chance of winning free POTS

Enter the Gleam, here.

Mission Control will brief you with more details closer to the date, so keep an eye on our Moonpot Twitter.

So long, Earth. Catch you on the flip side.

Ziggy Moonpot

Follow me on Twitter at @moonpotdotcom to never miss a Moonpot update.