After training our Cadets in the ways of the Moonpot, we’ve now decided to put them behind some of the controls in Ziggy’s spaceship. Through our Twitter Poll, you can make your voice heard and choose exactly where the Moonpot project navigates to next.

By taking part, you can choose which project will release as a Community Pot first.

Will it be Blizzard, or will it be Paçoca? The choice is yours?

What will the winner get?

The winner of the vote will be listed this week as a Community Pot on our platform. However, both projects are roadmapped for a Community Pot. The runner-up will release as a Community Pot the week after the winner.

Why are you holding a vote?

It’s all in the name: Community Pots! It’s important our community has a say in the Moonpot platform. Soon, we will have an official DAO mechanism allowing Cadets to voice their opinions with actionable votes. Think of this one as a practice run.

What is Paçoca?

Paçoca is a portfolio manager where users track their DeFi assets, invest in auto compounding vaults, and trade tokens using a decentralized exchange aggregator. Paçoca’s goal is to provide a one-stop view of the coins, tokens, and assets in different DeFi projects. These include projects from blockchains such as BSC, Ethereum and Polygon.

Paçoca is a useful tool for those looking for a DeFi hub with real-time portfolio tracking.

What is Blizzard?

Blizzard.Money is an ecosystem of products to serve your DeFi needs. It includes high-yield SnowBank vaults, a dividend pool where you stake their native token xBLZD, and a variety of other products that will be soon added to the Blizzard suite. You can currently earn extra xBLZD by providing liquidity or staking.

How do I vote?

It’s dead simple. Head to the Twitter poll and cast your vote now. Voting ends later today!