After some time spent exploring the depths of space, Captain Ziggy is back. Clutched between his hands ready to hand to mission control is a glorious new discovery: A FTM-sFTMX Moonpot! Mission Control is here to explain the details and how you can get involved.

What is Stader?

Stader is a non-custodial staking platform that provides yield-maximized staking delegation across multiple blockchains. The project helps users access staking in a safe, convenient manner by delegating to a curated, safe set of validators who already help secure the FTM network. Stader is building key staking middleware infrastructure across multiple Proof of Stake networks including Fantom, Polygon, Hedera, and Terra 2.0

What is liquid staking?

Staking tokens often requires locking them. To avoid this, Stader has collateralized certain staked tokens to provide a transferable, liquid solution. By staking FTM through Stader, you can mint the liquid sFTMX that provides maximized staking rewards. As staking rewards accrue, sFTMX also grows in value. Holders of sFTMX then can use it on multiple Fantom and participate in Defi opportunities.

How does the FTM-sFTMx Moonpot work?

Our new Moonpot is built on top of the Beefy FTM-sFTMX Vault. This in turn harvests and compounds the yield from the Spookyswap FTM-sFTMX liquidity pool. You can Zap into the Pot with either FTM or sFTMX or stake FTM-sFTMX LP tokens directly. In return, you’ll earn APY and enter into a chance to win the regular prize draw.

As an added bonus, Stader is adding $SD rewards as an extra incentive to get involved. This way, more users can be introduced to the concept of liquid staking and earn a reward or two while doing it. Oh, and of course, don’t forget the chance to win the Moonpot prize!