Over the past few months, our NFT pots have proved hugely popular with our stakers, collectors, and Ziggy Moonpot fans. After distributing hundreds of Strength and Agility NFTs, we’re now ready to explain a bit more their role in the Ziggyverse. Let’s take a look at the game itself first before diving into the Tiles later.

How will the Ziggyverse game work?

Set deep with the Ziggyverse, our NFT game will feature mintable Monsters and unique player profiles. The main concepts are as follows:

  • You’ll need a complete set of Tiles to mint your Monsters. That means you’ll need one of each of our six Tiles to do so. Each of the six tiles will hold INOs for an opportunity to buy the tiles with $POTs if you did not win any during the NFT Pots.
  • Your Monster will have different abilities and an effect on your Moonpot staking that will depend upon the Tiles you use to create them and their material.
  • Monsters are used to battle other players’ Monsters and participate in Ziggyverse Tournaments
  • There will be both a Story and PVP mode to the game.

These are the basic bare bones of the game. However, there is a deeper faction and player profile system that we will deep dive into soon.

What’s the setting of the Ziggyverse?

If you haven’t already seen our Ziggyverse comics, you can read them right here. They’re a flavor of the world and lore currently being developed by the team. We’ll soon release more information about our three factions, the history of the Ziggyverse, and the mysterious Tiles.

What’s the status of the Ziggyverse?

Talks are currently underway with developers on getting the game built. From our side, we have two areas to complete.

  1. First, we’ll confirm the dynamics of the game to provide to the developers for feedback and to work on.
  2. We also have to finalize the lore which also will be provided to the development team.
  3. We’re expanding the team to scale with the workload of Ziggyverse, and onboarding game studios to work with us on creating the game.

What are Tiles?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a moon rock, you’ll probably already know a bit about our Tiles. Tiles represent attributes in the Ziggyverse and are made out of different materials: Gold, Moonstone, and Jade. The only way to get a Tile is through our NFT Moonpots, giveaways, or on the secondary market. Within Ziggyverse Lore, the Tiles hold deep value and meaning to Ziggy civilization. As players, you’ll use your Tiles to

Only 300 of each rare Tile will exist. You will also be able to mint Tiles out of the Wildcard material type, so don’t worry if you don’t manage to get your hands on a rare one.

There will be a minimum of 10,000 wildcard materials.

Armor: Armor is the determining factor in how many hit points a monster winds up with.

Wildcard Material: Leather

Agility: Agility concerns how fast a monster is, specifically as it pertains to a monster’s ability to dodge incoming attacks.

Wildcard Material: Leaf

Strength: Strength determines the power and type of attacks a monster winds up with. Wildcard Material: Grass

Intelligence: Higher intelligence advantages monsters in RNG calculations.

Wildcard Material: Aluminum Carbon Steel

Dexterity: Dexterity governs ranged attacks.

Wildcard Material: Wool

Energy: Energy affects the amount of energy available for certain attacks. Energy replenishes overtime during a match.

Wildcard Material: Unknown

What’s the difference between a rare tile (Gold, Moonstone, Jade) and a Wildcard tile?

The main difference is that rare tiles can mint new monsters without being burned. Although this will cost significantly more $POTs to perform, you will not lose the original Tile minting new monsters.

Wildcard Tiles are single-use and disappear after minting a monster. At a minimum, we will have an INO (Initial NFT Offering) for 10,000 of each tile (Armor, Strength, etc.), which can be reopened by a DAO Proposal. The INO will list Wildcard tiles for under $10.

When can we expect more details about the Ziggyverse?

As mentioned, the Tiles are just one small part of the Ziggyverse game. You can expect regular updates on our game mechanics, lore, and other details over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions and requests and we’ll see exactly how we can help!