For Cadets lucky enough to have got their hands on a Ziggyverse NFT, the next step is to forge it. But what’s forging exactly? Well, it lets you know the Element and Element Level of your NFT. To forge, you need three things:

  1. A Ziggyverse NFT
  2. A Ziggy’s Hammer NFT that’s free to mint except for the BNB network fees.
  3. Some POTS

There are two hammers available: Hammer V1 and Hammer V2. Make sure to use the Hammer V1 for Armour, Agility, and Strength Ziggyverse Tiles and Hammer V2 for forging Intelligence, Dexterity. and Energy Ziggyverse Tiles.

Gold Tiles are the most valuable Tiles and cost you 10 POTS to forge. Moonstone costs 5 POTS to forge, and Jade costs 2 POTS to forge. Let’s dive in!

First, head to and open the side menu.

Search for “Moonpot” and click the icon.

Scroll down the page to find the Hammer NFT. Click [Enter].

Type in the number of Hammers you want to mint. You’ll need to pay the gas fee for minting each Hammer.

You’ll need to now sign the message. Click [OK]. You’ll then need to choose your gas fee and press [Confirm].

You’ll now see a splash screen confirming your transaction and a prompt to create a Galaxy ID if you haven’t.

Next, head to the [My NFTs] section by clicking the button.

You’ll now see your Hammer NFT and any other Ziggyverse NFTs you have.

Return to the Moonpot space from the beginning of this guide. Scroll down and select the [Forging Armour] that corresponds with your NFT’s material. Click [Enter].

Click [Approve] and allow the DApp to interact with your wallet. Note you’ll need a maximum of 10 POTS to forge your NFT depending on its material.

Click [Start Forging].

Select the NFT you want to forge and the Hammer. Click [Forge].

You’ll now see a splash screen confirming the transaction.

Go back to the [My NFTs] page, and open the properties tab to check the details of your forged NFT.

Learn more about the Ziggyverse

If you haven’t heard of Ziggy’s NFTS or just need a quick reminder, check out our guide to the Ziggyverse. It’s got the full lowdown on the types of Tiles, Elements, and other facts you’ll need to know when exploring NFT space on the Moonpot ship.