Ziggy has been working hard with Mission Control’s top scientists and technicians to bring all Cadets exciting new ways to stake their tokens. After hours in the lab, they are back with their latest invention: Liquidity Pool (LP) Moonpots!

Our first LP Moonpots have now launched, allowing you to stake PancakeSwap’s POTS-BUSD LP tokens and Apeswap’s POTS-BNB LP tokens. By entering them into the new Pots, Moonpot will stake your LP tokens in a Beefy auto-compounding vault.

Best of all, you don’t even need to stake your POTS, BNB, or BUSD into the liquidity pools yourself. Just use the Zap feature on Moonpot and we’ll do the hard work for you!

What is Zap?

Zap simplifies the process of entering liquidity pools and lets you join LPs with just one token of the pair. Zap will exchange half of your tokens for the other token you don’t have and enter them into the LP. And the best news is that all of this can be done right from the Moonpot, you don’t even need to leave the site.

Why should I enter an LP Moonpot?

Providing your tokens to a liquidity pool supports the liquidity of those assets. What does this mean exactly? Well, it helps create a market where buyers and sellers can trade their tokens with ease. You also get a reward for providing liquidity too whenever someone uses the pool.

On top of this, if you enter your LP tokens (which act as a receipt for your deposit) into the Moonpot, you get the chance to win large prizes too. And finally, all of the above is great for POTS too!

Will there be more LP Moonpots?

With LPs being hugely popular, we’ll soon be adding even more LP Moonpots to our lineup. Next on the list will be BIFI-BNB and CAKE-BNB pairs. Best of all, using Zap you don’t even have to make any CAKE or BIFI LP yourself to get exposure to those future Pots, you will be able to Zap right in with single assets.

Both PancakeSwap and Beefy Finance are some of the biggest blue-chip projects on BSC and have great HODLing potential.

Why have you released LP Moonpots?

Creating Moonpots opens up the project to more partnerships and assets on the platform. There’s no need for Ziggy to rely on single staking tokenomics like we do already with CAKE, BANANA, and BIFI. This doesn’t mean we won’t add more single asset community pots in the near future though.

LP Moonpots let us work with many more projects than we currently do, and even opens the door to Launch Pots. While they’re not fleshed out yet, Mission Control has been plotting the course to welcome projects that want to build liquidity through an IDO on Moonpot, with a prize mechanic for stakers.

How is the yield distributed?

The earnings of that overall yield are divided as follows:

— 50% paid to Cadets as interest

— 40% is put into the weekly LP Pots prize draw

— 5% is sent to Ziggy’s Pot (sold for POTS and paid out to Cadets who’ve staked POTS)

— 3% is sent to Ziggy’s Pot for Ziggy’s Monthly Prize Draw (current prize value: $1.03 million)

— 2% is sent to Moonpot’s Treasury for development fees

Where can I learn more about liquidity pools?

You can learn exactly what LP means, how to create LP tokens, what you can do with them and what you should watch out for in a few articles that Ziggy has already prepared for you:

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