Another week, another Pot! There are now even more opportunities to earn and win, as well extra ways to get involved with new giveaways. Alpha News Network is here once again to guide you through the last seven day’s announcements.

Ziggy and Mission Control are on board Binance’s Learn and Earn program in partnership with different wallet providers. As part of the program, lucky winners who enter a number of giveaways will be in with the chance to earn $POTS.

Every participant can win $100 from each giveaway they enter. $5,000 is being given away with Binance Smart Chain , and another $5,000 is spread between five wallet partners: Trust Wallet, ONTO Wallet, BitKeep, SafePal, and another to be announced soon. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions in our social media challenges.

Make sure you also have staked at least 1 $POTS token into Ziggy’s Pot to be eligible to win.

You can find out more information here in our Learn and Earn guide.

Stablecoin Moonpots launched — $4m TVL

Our new Stablecoins Pot is coming to you fresh from outer space. You can now stake BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI, or 4Belt LP tokens from Belt Finance into our Pot to earn interest and prizes. Best of all, you can Zap straight in with any one of the stablecoins coins and Moonpot will do all the hard LP conversion work for you. Read more about how LP tokens work in our guide here.

BiShares GameFi Fund and AMA

BiShares has added $POTS to the BiShares GameFi fund and hosted an AMA on Friday 24 September discussing the project, its plans for the future, and exactly how win-win prize draws work.

Through BiShares, you can purchase dETF tokens that give you exposure to a number of projects without investing in the projects individually. To learn more about the project and how Moonpot fits into the fund, visit BiShare’s Moonpot explainer.

$2,500,000 in total prizes

Yep, you heard that right. We’ve given out two and a half million US dollars worth of prizes to lucky cadets during our first 2 months. Stay tuned for even larger numbers and more prize Pots as time goes on!