Captain Ziggy can’t believe it’s only been six weeks since our first-ever Moonpot prize draw. Perhaps the concept of time is twisted when you’re hurtling through space. Especially when each and every day brings fresh news of prize wins, partnerships, and project development.

Moonpot moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. But fear not: Moonpot’s Alpha News Network is here with all the latest info from Mission Control.

Moonpot Cadets won more than $1m in prizes this week

The stars aligned this week.

On Monday we gave away $290,000 to five lucky Cadets in our Cake Moonpot.

Tuesday saw our first-ever Community Pot with $47,000 dished out to fifteen Cadets who’d aped into our Banana Pot. One Cadet won having staked just 56 BANANA.

And then Wednesday was the big one. The first prize draw for Ziggy’s Pot. Ten winners shared a massive $723,760 — another successful Moon landing!

Our Cake and Banana Pots are weekly. Once you’ve made a deposit you’re automatically in with a chance of winning any prize that takes place until you withdraw. Plus you’re earning interest on your assets every day, and your deposit is always returned.

Ziggy’s Pot is the big one and only comes around every four weeks, but we’ll soon be introducing new pots so there’s a prize to be won each day of the week.

Remember Cadet, you’re still early.

Our revenue buyback continues — with $37,500 of POTS bought this week

As you know from reading the docs — you’ve read the docs, right? — a key part of the Moonpot model is how the platform takes a percentage of the revenue from each and every pot and uses that money to buy POTS from the open market. Those POTS are then injected into Ziggy’s Pot where it is paid out as interest and prizes to all the Cadets holding and staking POTS.

This week we can report a $37,500 purchase of POTS thanks to the Revenue Buyback system. That number is an all-time high with 17.2% growth from last week. Just wait until there are more and more pots on the platform. Because that means even bigger buybacks. Oorah.

New BIFI pot announced

Talking of new pots, this week also saw Captain Ziggy appear on Twitter in a video with the Beefy Finance cow. That’s right: what was once a leak/leek is now official. The next Pot to launch will be a BIFI Moonpot. It was predicted by many given Moonpot is powered by Beefy Finance. But now the whispers can be confirmed. We’ll be taking that cow to space. Stake, earn, and win!

POTS LP pairs boosted on Beefy

The Beefy love doesn’t stop there. Because we’re now boosting POTS-BUSD and POTS-BNB LP tokens on Beefy Finance. This means that any Cadet that adds POTS liquidity to either PancakeSwap or ApeSwap can deposit their LP tokens in a Beefy vault to earn an even higher APY (400-500%) thanks to Beefy’s autocompounding and Moonpot’s bonus POTS.

The boost to these vaults will continue until Sep 11 so don’t miss out on that juicy APY. Don’t know what any of that means? Then read our Moonpot Academy piece on LP tokens on our Alpha Blog. Want to take part but need help knowing what to do at each stage? Then read our How To Guide here.

Moonpot invited to the DeFi Harvest Festival — $2k of POTS to be given out

This month marks the first anniversary of Binance Smart Chain. In celebration, Second Live invited the top projects on BSC to participate in an online convention called DeFi Harvest Festival. The whole idea is to showcase the best of the best, and Captain Ziggy was proud to get the call. The virtual exhibition space launched on Sep 2 and runs until Sep 7. On the last day of the event we will be giving away $2k worth of POTS to participants. Find out more here.

Moonpot now on Defi Llama,, DeBank, and Pacoca

Second Live wasn’t the only project to take notice of Moonpot this week. We have now been added to four more platforms: Defi Llama, a top TVL aggregator;, a DeFi dashboard to track your assets; DeBank, a multi-chain portfolio tracker; plus Pacoca, a portfolio manager and dex aggregator. Everyone wants a seat on the Moonpot Space Shuttle.

The community continues to grow

The number of Cadets on Ziggy’s mission to outer space grows every day. This week we hit 60,000 followers on Twitter and 30,000 Cadets in our Telegram group. And you know what? You’re still early. These channels are the best places to reach Mission Control and give us your thoughts and feedback. Together we can take Moonpot to even higher highs. Let’s go, Cadet.

New Moonpot user interface

Captain Ziggy is always listening to what the Moonpot Cadets are saying around the corridors of Mission Control. As such the instruction came from the captain for our designers and engineers to make some improvements to the UI for Moonpot.

Now you can see all pots in one screen, and get to the ‘My Pots’ section way more easily. Other updates include a Winners page, where you can see the list of winners for each completed Pot, plus a Chinese-language option. Keep your suggestions coming, and see the changes at