Ziggy’s Pot to award prizes every two weeks. Plus introducing Paçoca, more LP Pots, and our new daily Side Pots game

The Moonpot Space Program is excited to share news of a whole host of changes and new Pots coming your way. Captain Ziggy’s been so busy that there’s almost too much news to share.

Mission Control has been listening closely to all of the ideas and feedback in Discord and Telegram, and we like to think that the changes we are putting forward address the wishes of most Cadets.

The changes also make Moonpot more sustainable in the long run as we look to increase revenue buybacks and reduce the outlay of Bonus POTS, in order to have a long-term positive impact on the POTS price.

By our count, once our plans are in place, we will have 12 different Moonpots for you to play in.

Which means there will be even more winning tickets each month. And so this October will see the Moonpot platform go from 150 winning tickets a month, to at least 200. Hurrah.

Here are the seven things you need to know about all the latest developments aboard the Moonpot Shuttle.

1 / Ziggy’s Pot to award prizes every two weeks

You asked, and The Captain listened. The Moonpot community has been reporting to HQ that four weeks is too long to wait for each Ziggy prize draw. We hear you.

And so Ziggy’s Pot is shifting to a prize draw schedule of once every two weeks.

The next Ziggy’s Pot prize draw is due tomorrow (Wed 29 Sep). There’s currently more than $200k worth of crypto to be won — paid out in POTS, CAKE, BANANA, BIFI, BUSD, and WBNB.

Prizes will then be awarded to ten winning tickets every other Wednesday — instead of our POTS-loving Cadets having to wait four long weeks (as has been the case up until now).

2 / Paçoca Moonpot launches today (Tue 28 Sep) — prize draw every other Tuesday

A thousand congratulations to our first-ever Community Battle Winner…

It was an epic rumble with Blizzard Money, but once the final results of our Twitter poll were in, it was the sweet taste of victory for Paçoca.

The winning project’s prize is a Community Pot — launching today (Tue 28 Sep)!

The first Paçoca Pot prize draw will take place two weeks later on Tue 12 Oct, and will be shared between ten winning tickets. Any Cadets staking in the pot will earn interest each and every day, of course, with a new prize awarded every other Tuesday.

3 / Blizzard Moonpot to launch on Tue 5 Oct — prize draw every other Tuesday

Blizzard’s Yeti may have lost the battle but the project’s supporters came out in such force that Captain Ziggy felt it was only right to agree to a Community Pot for the runner-up too.

As such, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Blizzard Moonpot on Tue 5 Oct.

The first Blizzard prize draw will be on Tue 19 Oct, when ten winning tickets will split the prize, and — as usual — all Cadets in the pot earning interest.

Prizes will be awarded every other Tuesday.

4 / Two new LP Pots to launch on Thu 7 Oct (a CAKE-BNB LP Pot, and a BIFI-BNB LP Pot) — prize draws every other Thursday

The fun doesn’t stop there. Because Blizzard isn’t the only new Moonpot we’ll be adding next week. The Captain trusts you’ve been doing your Liquidity Pool homework as Thu 7 Oct sees the launch of two new LP Pots: a CAKE-BNB LP Pot, and a BIFI-BNB LP Pot.

If you’re new to Liquidity Pools and LP Tokens please do your own research, and be absolutely sure you understand the risk associated with Impermanent Loss. Our Moon Academy article on this topic is a good place to start. Catch up here if you’ve still not read it.

Again, every Cadet who stakes in these Pots earns interest, and, like the other LP Pots, there will be five winning tickets for each prize draw. The first winners will be announced on Thu 21 Oct with prize draws taking place every other Thursday from then on.

5 / Side Pots to launch next week — CAKE prizes to be won every single weekday

But wait, Cadets. That’s not all.

Next week sees the long-awaited arrival of our Side Pots.

More details will be announced when we get closer to launch, but for now we can share that Cadets will be able to deposit CAKE into our CAKE Side Pot…

And that Side Pot prizes will be awarded every single weekday (Monday to Friday).

That’s right — EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKDAY.

6 / All Community and LP Pots to take place once every two weeks — so bigger prize pots to be won

So many new Pots landing. Exciting times.

However, given all the action, Captain Ziggy asked Mission Control to take a good long look at our existing schedule to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Our top data scientists crunched the numbers and have come back with some important changes to the calendar in order to keep the Moonpot Shuttle flying to the stars.

The result of which is that from today the other LP Pots already on Moonpot will mirror the newly arrived LP Pots and award prizes every other Thursday.

And so our next POTS-BUSD LP Pot and POTS-BNB LP Pot prize draws will be on Thu 30 Sep, and then every other week after that, so Thu 14 Oct, Thu 28 Oct, Thu 11 Nov etc.

This means larger prize pots for the lucky winners thanks to two weeks of earnings going into the Pot instead of just one. Happy days!

Similarly, our Banana Pot will slot into a rotating schedule with its fellow Community Pots (Paçoca and Blizzard) and — from today — will also award prizes every other Tuesday.

And so the next Banana prize draw after today will be on Tue 12 Oct.

The number of winning tickets for each of these Community Pots will be standardised to ten.

7 / CAKE, BIFI, and 4BELT USD Pot schedules stay the same

Just for the record, there are three other Moonpots available that we have not yet spoken about — CAKE, BIFI and our 4BELT USD Stablecoin Pot. And that’s because there’s no change.

For the record:

-- the CAKE prize is awarded to five winning tickets every single Monday

-- the BIFI prize is awarded to five winning tickets every other Wednesday

-- the USD Stablecoin prize is awarded to five winning tickets every other Friday

You’ve got to be in it to win it so remember to stake and play today.