The BSC NFT Collections Pot is ready with another collection for Cadets to stake in. If you’re already staked in the Moonpot, there’s no need to withdraw. If not, stake 100 $POTS or less in and you could win an NFT if your ticket is drawn in the daily giveaway until Monday, August 22.

What is RugZombie?

RugZombie is a collection of NFTs for the rugged, the broken, and the degenerate. By trading in your dead and rugged tokens, you can earn exclusive undead NFTs unique to that dead project. The collection is made from over 50 unique custom NFT pieces ready to be used in an upcoming, NFT-powered trading card game scheduled for its beta phase in Q4 2022.

“EZ, one of our founders, is truly excited to work with Moonpot to release more of our NFTs to the BNB Chain world. This is especially so as our game is closer and closer to a public beta, and we are getting eager to begin sharing how all the NFTs will function within the game.”

Utility and function

All RugZombie vNFTs will be playable assets in the upcoming card game. Some of our special NFTs have unique functions, like receiving free NFT mints, trading discounts, and more.

Rarities and ranking

RugZombies NFTs are unique ERC-720s. The rarity of each NFT comes down to the token ID, and rarer NFTs will offer slight advantages over cards of their same type with lower rarity. Mint #1 is more powerful than mint #380, for example.

Which NFTs can I win?

You can win nine RugZombie Bored to Death NFTs in the BSC NFT Collections Pot, as well as one The Technical One from our Social Pot.

How do I enter the BSC NFT Collections Pot?

To be in with a chance to win, simply stake up to a maximum of 100 $POTS in the Moonpot. That’s it! There’s no need to restake to win NFTs from new collections either.

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