With three Moonpots on Fantom already, Ziggy is still hungry for more. From the depths of the Fantom quadrant, Mission Control has secured another way to earn with binSPIRIT deposits. With Beefy technology powering Moonpot’s earnings, it’s time to take one of the yield aggregator’s innovations and give it the Moonpot touch.

What is binSPIRIT?

binSPIRIT is a wrapped version of SPIRIT created by Beefy. It allows holders to earn maximized SpiritSwap protocol fees without needing to lock their SPIRIT. Users can mint binSPIRIT 1:1 with SPIRIT on the binSPIRIT Beefy vault page.

If binSPIRIT is under its 1:1 peg, Beefy’s Smart Minter will purchase it on the open market. This way, you’ll always get the best deal when converting. Beefy takes the SPIRIT used to mint binSPIRIT and stakes it collectively, maximizing the rewards it receives. Users can then stake their binSPIRIT for a share of these rewards.

If you want to learn more about binSPIRIT, check out Beefy’s in-depth blog post. It contains

How does Moonpot work?

By depositing crypto into one of our Moonpots, you immediately earn compounded interest on your assets via Beefy. Half of this interest is given to you, the other half goes to the prize pool. The more you deposit, the more tickets you receive and the higher your chance of winning in the regular prize draws.

Even if you don’t win, you can always get your crypto back with added interest. You can also share in Moonpot’s revenue by purchasing our token $POTS and staking them in Ziggy’s Pot.

Who has Moonpot partnered with?

To boost the Pot, Moonpot has partnered with Beefy and SpiritSwap to provide a $100,000 injection. SpiritSwap has provided $25,000, Beefy $25,000, and Moonpot $50,000. This means great APY and prizes for anyone who gets in early.

Due to this partnership, you’ll earn APY in binSPIRIT, SPIRIT, BIFI, and POTS. How’s that for diversification?

What’s coming next?

We’re glad you asked. In the pipeline are another blockchain, more Fantom Pots, and some juicy updates on the Ziggyverse game. But that’s not all… behind the scenes, we have some plans for a shake-up of our game mechanics. Check back soon for more info.