If there’s one thing Cadets love other than win-win prize draws, it’s a good NFT Moonpot. Our Christmas and New Years’ Pots were a roaring success, and Ziggy is back with even more NFTs to distribute from the Moonpot cargo hold.

This time, our new BSC NFT Collections Pot will give Cadets the chance to win some of the hottest NFTs on Binance Smart Chain from a variety of projects. By launching the Pot, we want to engage with the growing BSC community even more in preparation for the launch of the Ziggyverse later this year.

How does the BSC NFT Collections Pot work?

The BSC NFT Collections Pot will have a maximum stake of 100 $POTS per wallet. This limit was decided via a DAO vote of which you can see the results here. The draw will take place daily with a single winner receiving one NFT from the current collection.

Once the NFTs have all been distributed from a collection, the Moonpot will be loaded with NFTs from a new collection. You won’t need to restake your $POTS to win the new NFTs.

Don’t forget to take part in the Social Pot too

For an extra chance to win, each collection will also have a Social Pot. By taking part in the Pot’s social media tasks, you’ll be able to enter a draw for an extra NFT from the collection.

What are the benefits of the BSC NFT Collections Pot?

There’s more to our Pot than first meets the eye! The Pot isn’t just beneficial to lucky winning Cadets, it’s great for the Moonpot project and community as a while too:

  1. Another new use case for $POTS. You may already have found it difficult to decide where to stake your $POTS… and that’s a good thing! More use cases are healthy for the price of $POTS and Moonpot’s userbase.
  2. You get the chance to win NFTs without spending a penny. While you won’t receive APY, you also won’t pay to enter the Pot either. Just make sure you withdraw your $POTS after the fairness timelock is over to get your entire stake back.
  3. The BSC NFT Collections Pot isn’t just about winning NFTs, but also about learning about what is going on in the BSC NFT space. We’ll have regular articles explaining the projects and their NFTs.

What collections will be in the BSC NFT Collections Pot?

The Collections Pot will begin with the Bull Society, a collection of 7,777 Bull NFTs, each with unique features.

Next up will be Born Bad Boys, 10,000 NFTs of “These are the children of the Punks who were born bad boys”.

Liquid Monsters will also be available to win in the BSC NFT Collections Pot. There are 6,600 individual monsters, each of which can be swapped instantly for LIMOi tokens.

What about future collections?

The three projects above are only just the beginning. More collections will be added to the list soon, and we’re also keen to hear from Cadets about their NFT projects too. If you’re interested in adding yours to the BSC NFTs Collection Pot, chat to us on Discord and make an introduction.