The BSC NFT Collections Pot is back with a bang, and Ziggy has another set of collectibles to hand out to staked Cadets. Stake 100 $POTS or less in the Moonpot and win an NFT if your ticket is drawn in the daily giveaway until Saturday, August 13.

What are Ape Heroes?

Ape Heroes are a collection of 10,000 unique super-powered Heroes and Villains battling for control of the Metaverse. Originally minted in October 2021, the project has since created a supply of 5000 Serums that will turn a Hero into a Villain by burning both the Hero and Serum. If all Serums are used, there will be 5000 Heroes and 5000 Villains in total.

Ape Heroes has also created a supply of 2000 Gauntlets and 1500 Cosmic Cubes, only attained through contests/giveaways or through purchases from the marketplace. As a side collection, the team has minted eggs that will hatch into Dino Companions for the Heroes and Villains.

“Ape Heroes believes in bringing strength and unity to the BSC ecosystem and we feel that Moonpot has created an opportunity that is beneficial to both investors and multiple projects alike. We’re excited to take part in such a strong collaboration and to bring value to new audiences”- Amped Apette, Community Manager

Utility and function

Heroes and Villains can be staked to earn Ape Heroe’s native $POW token. The asset is used in their ecosystem and will soon be tradeable on a DEX once liquidity is added.

Gauntlets currently serve as a booster to increase staking rewards. In the future, Gauntlets, Cosmic Cubes, and Dinos will have functionality in the Ape Heroes game currently being developed.

Rarities and ranking

There are 5 rarities in the Ape Heroes collection:

Common - 40%

Uncommon - 24%

Rare - 16%

Epic - 12%

Legendary - 8%

The rarity is determined by their traits. Each trait is assigned its own rarity based on the sum of the NFT’s traits. An Ape Hero is made up of its:

  1. Background
  2. Body
  3. Suit
  4. Head
  5. Eyes
  6. Eye Accessories
  7. Ear
  8. Ear Accessories

Which NFTs can I win?

You can win eight Ape Heroes NFTs in the BSC NFT Collections Pot, as well as one from our Social Pot. You can check each NFT’s rarity by visiting the collection on Rareboard.










How do I enter the BSC NFT Collections Pot?

To be in with a chance to win, simply stake up to a maximum of 100 $POTS in the Moonpot. That’s it!

More Ape Heroes Information


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