After a long period of ideation, creation, and planning, the Ziggyverse has entered a new stage of development. The past months have seen Mission Control in deep talks and cooperation with Whimsy Games development team. From this work, Captain Ziggy is now ready to announce officially our partnership with the games studio.

What does this mean for the Ziggyverse?

The Ziggyverse has now got the dedicated game development team needed to push it to the finish line. A lot of hard work has gone into getting everything prepared by Mission Control since the rollout of our Tiles last year. With the mechanics, lore, and development timeline mapped out, we’re ready to start sharing the game’s development with all you cadets.

Who are Whimsy Games?

Whimsy Games is a creative game development studio with a wealth of development experience. The team has previously worked on blockchain-based games and has over 200 successful projects under its belt.

After a long process of finding the right studio for us, Whimsy Games aligned best with our wants, needs, and goals for the Ziggyverse. If you’re looking for more information on the studio, make sure to check their website linked earlier or their LinkedIn page.

What’s next for the Ziggyverse?

You’ll be happy to hear that we’ll have a wealth of regular updates, images, and snippets from the game to show you. Cadets will even be able to make their voices heard when it comes to aspects of the game and its development.

Don’t forget we will also be running NFT Tile sales for Cadets to get their hands on common tiles. This means that anyone will be able to create their monsters as soon as the game launches, even if you didn’t win in our Ziggyverse NFT Pots. More details on the sales will be coming soon, so make sure to regularly check our socials.

When will the Ziggyverse be released?

This is always a tricky question. We’re looking at a release towards the end of the year, with more features, monsters, and other game aspects to come via future updates.

As always, the Moonpot team appreciates the patience of our Cadets. It’s been a huge struggle to not leek more about the Ziggyverse’s development so far. But now, we’re finally in a position where we can share the journey with you!