At Moonpot, we’re committed to bringing the best win-win opportunities to our cadets. With the Moonpot rocket going full warp speed towards Fantom, we’ve decided we can’t do the mission alone.

After launching on Fantom yesterday, we are already partnering with the biggest projects on the chain. We aim to not only bring the best earnings for our current cadets but also to expand our user base and capture FTM native users.

To achieve this goal, Mission Control has struck a deal with one of Fantom’s biggest and most successful projects: Tomb Finance.

What is Tomb Finance?

Tomb Finance created the first algorithmic stablecoin on Fantom Opera offering pegged $FTM via seigniorage. This means that Tomb Finance leverages different mechanisms to achieve price parity between $TOMB and $FTM. You can learn more about Tomb in their docs.

How does Moonpot work?

By depositing crypto into one of our Moonpots, you immediately earn compounded interest on your assets via Beefy. Half of this interest is given to you, and the other half goes to the prize pool. The more you deposit, the more tickets you receive and the higher your chance of winning in the regular prize draws.

Even if you don’t win, you can always get your crypto back with added interest. You can also share in Moonpot’s revenue by purchasing our token $POTS and staking them in Ziggy’s Pot.

What does the partnership mean for Moonpot users?

Moonpot users are used to win-win situations, but this takes it a step further. Our partnership with Tomb resulted in a $100,000 buyback of $TOMB from Moonpot’s treasury. This amount will be matched by Tomb’s treasury with another $100,000. This means over ten weeks, Cadets will be able to win a bi-weekly prize of at least $40,000. Spectacular isn’t it?

Celebrate our Fantom launch with boosted prizes

We’re extremely proud to celebrate our new Fantom launch with a respected project like Tomb Finance. High-quality partnerships are good news for Moonpot and good news for Cadets too.

So if you’re already a Tomb Finance fan, why not give Moonpot a try? It’s really a no-brainer. Deposit now to earn more TOMB-FTM LP and a chance to win big. To make it easy, you can even Zap into the Pot with either TOMB or FTM and let us do the hard work for you.