To keep earning POTS and enter into Ziggy’s Pot’s monthly prize draw, you’ll need to move your staked funds from the retired Ziggy’s Pot. The process takes only a few minutes.

Learn why we upgraded Ziggy’s Pot, here.

Note if you have bonus POTS from the old Ziggy’s Pot you’re planning on compounding into the new Ziggy’s Pot, it’s more efficient to withdraw and deposit manually than use the migration button. The migration button will not stake your bonus POTS.

You will not have to pay a Fairness Fee to move your POTS, but make sure you have enough BEP-20 BNB ready to pay the transaction fees.

Go to In the [All Pots] tab you’ll see a notice to [Move My Pots]. Following this process will not restake your bonus POTS, only your currently staked ones. Click the [Move My Pots] button.

Click [Move POTS and Withdraw POTS].

You’ll now need to confirm and pay for three transactions. Click [Confirm] on each one.

You’ll now successfully have restaked your POTS (minus your bonus POTS) in the new Ziggy’s Pot.

Move your POTS now at