With new LP Pots, partnerships, and even an award to report back on, Ziggy once again has been busy behind the controls of the Moonpot rocketship. Let Alpha News Network guide you once again with the last seven day’s biggest developments.

Moonpot reward a Monthly Star in MVB III

After entering Binance’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB III) program, Moonpot has been chosen as one of August’s Monthly Stars.

What does this mean? Well, Moonpot will now get support and guidance in the project’s development and also have the chance to be an overall MVB III winner in November.

Moonpots partnership with Kriptoversity

Toko Crypto, one of Indonesia’s largest CEX, has invited us to join their learn and earn program through their Kriptoversity. Stay tuned for the opportunity to test your Moonpot knowledge and earn $POTS for doing so.

LP Moonpots launched — $2m TVL

After much anticipation, the POTS-BUSD LP Pot and POTS-BNB LP Pot have both been released and now have a total value of just under $2 million. The new LP Pots open the project up to increased partnerships and assets on the platform.

There’s no need for Ziggy to rely solely on single staking tokenomics as they have already done before with CAKE, BANANA, and BIFI. You also are helping the POTS ecosystem by providing liquidity and getting the chance to win big prizes. It’s another win-win for the win-win savings game. You can read more about our release here.

Stake $GNANA to earn $POTS

There’s yet another chance to earn $POTS in staking rewards through staking $GNANA for $POTS on Apeswap. The Golden Banana (GNANA) rewards loyal ApeSwap members and provides them with unique staking opportunities and benefits.

First BIFI Moonpot draw this Wednesday

If you’ve already staked BIFI in the BIFI Moonpot, then it’s not long to wait until the draw this Wednesday, 22 September. The prize is currently standing at around $50,000, but even if you don’t win you’re still getting the best APY on your BIFI deposits in the DeFi galaxy.

16,000 Cadets are playing Moonpot

Within the past week, we’ve gained another 1,000 new Cadets in our win-win prize pools. And that’s not the only thing that’s growing. We’re currently one of the largest growing DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain, with over $3,000,000 over 24 hours flowing through the platform on 16 September 2021.